004-3m test chamber
1. instrument No.: YQ020
2. applicable standard: GB/T 18801-2015
3. scope of application:
Detection of particulate matter CCM value of particulate matter CADR value not less than 60m /h
The formaldehyde CADR value is not less than the 40m CCM value of the /h purifier.
Detection of CADR values of particles with a nominal value greater than 10m /h and less than 30m /h
The CADR value of formaldehyde is less than 20m /h. ​​
003- air filter assembly test system
1, instrument number: YQ019
2, model: AF2812
3. Reference standard: QC/T 32-2006&ISO5011
4. Test items:
Intake resistance
Initial efficiency
Life cycle efficiency
Dust volume
005- horizontal combustion tester
006- filter material absorption test device
1. instrument No.: YQ020
2. model: HTB-200-11
3. reference standard: QC/T 795.2-2007
4. uses: testing formaldehyde, toluene,
Adsorption efficiency and pollutant loading of n-butane
5. technical parameters:
NH3 detection range: 0-1000PPM
SO2 detection range: 0-2000PPM
Toluene detection range: 0-1000PPM
Butane detection range: 0-2000PPM
007- comprehensive performance tester
1, instrument number: YQ017
2, model: LZC-B
3. Reference standard: EN1822-3
4. Use: testing filter efficiency & resistance
5, technical parameters:
Dust sources: DEHS, 2%NaCl solution, atmosphere.
Resistance: 0-1000Pa
Traffic: 20-100L/min
008- electronic fabric strength tester
1. instrument No.: YQ011
2. model: YG026B
3. reference standard: ISO 13943.1
4. purpose: test material breaking strength and elongation at break.
5. technical parameters:
Measuring range: 0-3000N
Accuracy of force measurement: + 0.2%F.S
009- combustion tester
1, instrument number: YQ016
2, model: MX-A4007
3. This instrument refers to DIN53438, P3 in general, and the determination grade of combustion performance is as follows:
F1 level - the flame is extinguished before the combustion flame tip reaches the superscript line.
F2 level ---- the combustion flame tip reaches the upper end line in 20 seconds or more.
F3 level - the tip of the combustion flame reaches the upper marking line within 20 seconds. ​
010- aperture tester

1. instrument No.: YQ015
2. model: 7220
3. reference standard: ISO 4003
4. purpose: maximum pore size and average pore size.
5. technical parameters
Experimental liquid: isopropanol
Filtration accuracy: 1um-80um
011- digital air permeability tester
1. instrument No.: YQ018
2. model: YG461E
3. reference standard: ISO 9237
4. purpose: testing permeability of filter material
5. technical parameters:
Pressure range: 50-3600Pa
Ventilation range: 3-9999mm/s
Sample area: 5, 20, 50, 100C
012- experimental chamber for blast drying
1. instrument No.: YQ009
2. model: HN101-0A
3. reference standard: QC/T998-2015
4. temperature range: 10-300 C
5. use: test material temperature resistance, water content and so on.
013- stiffness tester

1. instrument No.: YQ001

2. model: ZTD-10A

3. applicable standard: ISO5628

4. technical parameters:

Resolution: 1mN

Maximum force value: 10000mN

Indication error: + 1%